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How You Can Get a Better Response from Your Web Design in 2015

These days, every successful business needs to have a successful website behind it. Unfortunately, many people struggle to put together a design that’s both visually pleasing and appealing to users. They just don’t get the kind of response from their design that they’re hoping for.

If you want to create a site that will be engaging to visitors, you should keep these tips in mind. They’ll make your site easier to navigate and more pleasing to use. If you implement these tips, you should see an increase in both sales and conversions.

Create a Strong Logo

lofo-for-webThese days, a lot of web designers neglect their logos, treating it as an afterthought. However, a logo is an important part of your brand. It’s what will help people to recognize and remember your business when they encounter it again.

Work to create a strong, yet simple logo that you can use in a variety of places. Choose something that will draw the eye without being overwhelming. Users may not consciously notice your new logo, but it will definitely make an impact on them.

Use Intuitive Navigation

A lot of people become excited by flashy menu options, and leave their visitors frustrated in the process. It’s important to come up with a menu that users can navigate with little thought. Using it should come naturally to them.

It’s smart to use a horizontal menu bar; this is where most users instinctively look for a menu. Secondary navigation should drop down from the initial menu part. Organize your menu in a clean and simple way; there’s no need to over-complicate things. The easier it is for people to find what they need, the longer they’ll stay on your site. This also very important for you who build a webshop. It is utmost important that your customers find what they are looking for very easily.

Don’t Overdo It

A lot of people want to fill their website with images, ads, and other flashy things. However, a lot of clutter can be distracting, and can make it difficult for people to find what they need.

Studies have shown that people respond best to sites that are simple. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t use images or ads on your site; you should just use them in moderation.

Don’t Underestimate White

These days, you’ll notice that most major websites are a white or off-white color. You may think that you should make your own site a different color so that it’ll stand out from the competition.

However, there’s a reason that so many sites rely on the color white. Studies have shown that users respond more positively to a white background. In addition, a white site can give the impression that your site is loading more quickly than it actually is.

Choose the Right Fonts

One of the biggest reasons people respond poorly to a site is poor font choice. If your font is difficult to read or unprofessional looking, no one will be able to take your site seriously.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to believe a statement is true if it is written in a professional-looking font. Research the most popular web fonts, and find one that will work well for your site.

Give Your Visitors Some Space

Don’t flood your site with walls of text. People don’t read web content the same way they read a book or a magazine, and a long paragraph can feel completely unmanageable. This is doubly true for people who are reading your site on a tablet or phone.

Use short paragraphs, and break up your text with pictures. This will make the content that you write far easier to digest.

Use Responsive Design

One of the biggest mistakes many site owners make is forgetting about the mobile audience. These days, a substantial amount of people do all of their internet browsing through their mobile devices.

Responsive web design is simply web design that forms itself to look nice on both cell phones, tablets and bigger screens. It is a “must”.

Use responsive design on your site so that you can be sure it will look great on any device. You want to make sure that people can read and enjoy the content on your site no matter what.

If you implement these tips, you’ll get more response from your web design. It’s important to have a site that users will enjoy browsing. A few small changes can be what convinces a person to visit a site again.


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Are You An SEO Rockstar?

One of the most powerful forms of “advertising” available is the use of search engine optimization. It allows organizations and businesses to harness the power of the Web to create highly targeted marketing campaigns. Campaigns that lasts “forever” and cost nothing. But, being successful in SEO can take a great deal of work and effort. It is necessary to have the right mindset when entering this field or helping people with SEO.

Do you have what it takes to be a SEO rockstar?

People who help with search engine optimization need to have inherent consulting ability. It is not reliable to just sit down with a menu of SEO offerings and force a customer into one. You need to understand their needs and wants to be able to effectively create an effective SEO campaign.

Furthermore, you need to have an interest in what they do. This is because you will need to learn their business in order to effectively build a campaign. At least a minimum of interest.

Keyword research phase

During the keyword research phase you are going to have to get into the mind of one of their customers. You will need to help them come up with effective keywords and keyphrases to help them know what to build a campaign around. If you do not know their business you will have to rely completely on them to come up with terms. And, they  may be relying on you to do the same. Therefore, you have to show an effort in getting to understand their industry.

Onpage optimization

This translates over to the onpage optimization part of SEO too. You will be helping them create lots of content to plug into their website. You may even be writing content yourself. You are going to need to understand where to find research material and how to present that material once you get it. If you do not have a good grasp of the material, then you will have a hard time creating effective content for them.

Building good links

When building links for the campaign, you will also need to understand their competition and their industry. This will help you in finding good link partners. It will also help you in finding good opportunities for guest posting. Again, if you do no have a good grasp of what they do, you may be making requests of competition or from sites that are not truly relevant to what the client does.

You will also need to possess a good ethical backbone. You do not want to make claims that cannot be backed up. Furthermore, you do not want to engage in blackhat tactics that may hurt their website.

Having a healthy interest and sense of curiosity are essential in being a SEO rock star. It will help you truly understand what the business needs and wants to accomplish. And, it will help you determine if it can be done. Combine this with strong morals and hard work then there is no mistaking that you have what it takes to help people with their search engine marketing needs.

Are you a SEO rockstar, and want to work with a team of great people? Contact us.